Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dudley Can't Look Back

Well, Dudley strikes again. My wonderful son Jordan (aka Dudley) was practicing yesterday at our favorite parking lot yesterday and was doing great. Of course, until I noticed that he wasn't riding the bike. I happen to be walking while he rode the bike. All was going well for him. He was making some great stops, turns, etc... and then it happen. He dropped the bike. It was no big deal except he broke off his left side mirror. I actually felt bad for him because he said he was doing so great with all his riding techniques. He dropped it. Big deal. We bought the bike to practice with and it will get dropped again.

The good thing is the piece that broke off only cost $15.00. The best thing is Jordan is paying for it. I told him, hey, it's your bike. I also wanted to remind him to not look back and dwell on the things you do wrong when you drop your bike. Just learn from it.

Besides, he can't look back right now because Dudley doesn't have mirror. He broke it.

If you read this Dudley, hang in there. Dad still thinks you are the best.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bike Display and Chapter Charity Event

Saturday was a great day to ride and do a little charity work for kids at Christmas. All of our chapter members did a bike show in Randleman NC. The event was held at Walmart and we had some nice drawings for those that wanted a chance to win them. Some of the prizes included a $100.00 gift certificate from the Cycle Center in Asheboro, NC. Jordan and I were trying to win that. Of course, neither one of us did. Another great prize was a $100.00 gift certificate from Walmart. We had one lady that bought $100.00 worth of tickets and she told us to put the tickets in the drawing for that prize. Can you believe that the poor lady (actually she looked loaded) didn't win. Fortunately, a guy whose wife had pasted away a week prior did win it. That was good for him because he had to move back in with his parents. So, he probably needed the Walmart gift certificate. Good for him, right?

I also took some photos at the event and some bikes. Jordan and I actually tried to help Craig sell his bike. We bought for sale sign and put $5000.00 for it. We can't beleive no one would buy it. Below are some photos of the bikes at the bike display.

We had a great turn out. We raised $371.00 for the kids and we had a great time. I am sure next year we can do better.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dudley Strikes Again

Jordan had his second day of motorcycle training yesterday. He did really well except for on incident where he pulled a Dudley and dropped the bike again. Actually, he just laid it down. No harm no foul, right? Anyway, he did great and he is picking up riding a bike really fast. He will have no problem in the course in 3 weeks. Below is a photo of Jordan (aka Dudley) on his bike. He looks really cool, don't you think?

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jordan's First Ride

Yesterday Jordan and I got the tag for the motorcycle and of course, it was time to ride. So we took off to the GTCC parking lot for practice time. Once we got in the parking lot the fun started. Jordan strapped on the really cool helmet that I have and my gloves.Jordan mounted the bike and was ready to roll. He had a lot of practice in my garage riding forward and backward, so of course, taking off was going to be a breeze for my little man. NOT! He took off and within 10 seconds he was heading right for the only car in the parking lot and it didn't appear he was going to stop. Luckily because of his superior motorcycle skills he was able to stop within 2 feet of the car. He said later he felt like Dudley in the Wild Hogs movie. Actually, he looked like that too. Way to go Dudley!

After both our hearts slowed down and got back to normal, we were ready to try the whole thing over again. With a little coaching and a little demo from the old man, he got on the bike again and soon was starting and stopping like a pro. We worked on take offs and stops, turns, quick stops and countersteering. We practiced for about an hour and a half.

Overall, he did great. Actually, he did better than I did in one hour than I did in one month. He did drop the bike for the first time. Actually, it just fell over because he lost his concentration on a simple stop and was too busy looking at his mom when she came out to watch him. But oh well, I have dropped my bike 3 times. I am still riding. Hey, I will probably drop it some more. That's life on a motorcylce, right?

Today we will be practicing some more. The plan is for him and Slick to practice for the next 3 weeks. Both Jordan and Slick will be taking the motorcycle course on November 2-4. That will be fun for both of them especially since they get to practice for a few weeks prior to the class.

After a little more practice Jordan and Slick will be ready to get their licenses and then everyone needs to watch out.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Monday, October 01, 2007

Jordan and Slick's New Ride

Checkout Jordan's and Slick's new ride.