Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jordan Became a Biker Today

Today Jordan took his first motorcycle ride on his 600cc Honda Shadow Deluxe and officially became a biker. It was a greatday for a proud father to see his son take his first ride and be a part of that experience. The weather was great but a little on the nippy side. We actually didn't get started until we did some checks on bikes. I am glad we did. Big Red's tire pressurewas pretty low due to the cold weather.

After getting the tires ready, we were ready to roll. I figured the first thing to show Jordan was the joy of riding on some of the back roads near our home. It was a great day to hit the back roads and see a lot of the great fall follage. The colors were awesome! We took a ride for about an hour on the back roads and Jordan did great. At one point, I looked back and noticed Jordan was trying to get my attention. It seemed his hands were a little on the frosty side. So we took a little break so his hands could thraw out and he could warm up. After the break we headed back toward the house and I decided to take Jordan on highway 421 and 85 so he could experience the joy of riding on the highway at 65 mph on a little bike. Of course with the cold weather, wrong gloves and windy conditions, he just loved that.

Overall, Jordan did great. He rode the bike like a pro. Heck, he even wanted to take a ride through town and back on his own. He did that great too. I was really proud of Jordan for doing such a great job riding today. I know he is already hooked and he is looking forward to both of us riding to the beach this March.

So next time you see a small Honda Shadow around the Greensboro or High Point area, look close. It might just be Jordan. He will even wave at you if you watch for the wave. He likes the biker wave thing. Like I said, he is hooked.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!