Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Stuff Coming Soon!

Well, it will not be long before I get all my remaining parts for fixing up Big Red. I am waiting on my mud flap and Gerbing heating accessories. So far I have my mounting parts for the mud flap and my trailer hitch. Hopefully, I can get with my old motorcycle buddy Craig to hook all the stuff up. He is an amazing guy when it comes to Goldwing’s and anything mechanical. He is not a computer geek like me but he is getting there. I am really looking forward to getting the Gerbing accessories to keep my hands warm this winter. Once I get all that stuff hooked up and wired in I will be set for old man winter. It will be nice to have some warm hands for those mornings when I ride to work and it is below 20 degrees.

Another thing I am looking forward to is our new trailer in late spring. Slick and I plan to get a trailer and use it for our mini-trips that will last over 2 days. Plus it gives her an opportunity to load the trailer down with stuff she finds when she shops while we are on the road. She says she will not fill up the trailer but those of us that have wives no better than that.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jordan's Longest Ride Yet!

This weekend was a good weekend for riding. Jordan and I rode on Saturday for about 2 hours. It was a little nippy but not too bad for a little ride in the country. The biggest ride for Jordan as on Sunday. Slick, Jordan and I rode from Greensboro to Lenoir NC for Slick's dad's 70th birthday party. It was a good day to ride and a Jordan got to get some experience on the trip. He got the chance to ride on interstate 40 which is always a treat (by the way, Jordan now understands why most bikers don't like interstates). He got to experience a little ride in some lite rain. He got the chance to ride in the dark on the interstate and some back rodes and why having cruise is so cool. The ride was a little long for Jordan. He realized that when you ride any bike it is a good idea to take a break about every hour or so. Jordan noticed that his back and his butt needed a break too.

We all rode for about 200 miles on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was great and this week it is supposed to be even better with the highs in the upper 70's. Did I mention it is in the middle of December. I know I plan to take advantage of the great weather because I know it is not going to last. But hey, I don't care. I will be still riding no matter how cold it gets. The question is will Slick and Dudley be crazy enough to ride too.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Monday, December 03, 2007

Father and Son Cycle Center Trip

Saturday was a fun day of riding. Jordan (aka Dudley) and I took off for a nice Saturday morning ride to the Cycle Centerin Asheboro NC to checkout the new Honda VTX's. Jordan plans on buying his own bike which will be a VTX in the next year or so. After leaving the house Jordan and I headed first on highway 421 toward Liberty. Liberty has a nice small stretch of road with some pretty fun curves that I thought would enjoy. So we headed toward Liberty and took on the road. Jordan enjoyed the road but I think he would have liked it more if he wasn't so worried about running out of gas. The Honda Shadow he rides now is not the best for gas since it has a small tank and can only get about 120 miles before you have to fill up again.

After finishing up the Liberty run, we headed for the gas station and got the gas before I had to go find some for him. After filling up we heading to the Cycle Center. We finally got Jordan some gloves for the winter. He was always complaining about how his hands got cold. I told him my hands don't get cold and I wear my summer thin leather gloves. He said that is because I practically ride a plane on 2 wheels and the cockpit protects me. I told he need to get a Golwing. He said when he is old and turns 50.

After getting Dudleys some gloves we looked around the Cycle Center at the VTX's. I wanted Jordan to sit on a VTX 1800 to see if he liked them. He didn't. They were way too big for him and he said they were too uncomfortable. I sat on one myself and I felt the same way. It made me appreciate Big Red. Jordan sit on a VTX 1300. Those fit him nicely. We actually found a steal of a bike which was a 2004 VTX 1300 for $7500.00. It already had a backrest, large windsheild and new leather saddle bags. That was a great buy. It is too bad the timing is not right for the buy.

After leaving the Cycle Center we headed back home. Of course half of the trip was on the 4 lane highways where the speed limit is 65 to 70 mph. Not a big deal for me, but for Jordan it was not that great. The little Honda Shadow he rides can get pretty cold when the temperature is only 50 degress and on the bike it feels like 30. Of course Jordan complained about being cold. I just don't get it. I felt fine!

Now Dudley has some new winter gloves. We even got him some Frogg Toggs Sunday and he plans to get some thermals this week. Maybe then he will not complain about the cold so much. Besides frostbike is over-rated and not that bad, right?

I really enjoyed my ride with my son. It was a great time and we plan to have many more trips in the future. Some of our future trips will include the beach and Wing Ding in July. That will be fun.

Below is a picture of Jordan and I (aka Shake and Bake). Jordan bought the shirts. Pretty cool, huh?

Until next time and enjoy the ride.