Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wing Ding 30

Just got back from Wing Ding 30 in Greenville SC. Slick, Jordan and I took off for the rally on Friday about 9 am. It was a little toasty but not too bad starting out. The ride to SC was pretty eventful except for the heat. There were no real traffic stops or accidents and that made us feel a lot better not getting stuck in traffic and in the heat.

We arrive in Greenville around 2 pm. We headed straight for the rally. There were bikes every where. That was the most bikes (especially Goldwing's) that I had ever seen. We reported in to the registration booth and then realized we didn't register. That cost us a little more money to get in. Actually it cost us $74.00 for all of us to get in. We thought we paid for a 2 day pass, but we only paid for 1. On Friday, we took in the vendors and got a lot of photos of bikes and a few other cool things. It is hard to believe but I didn't buy anything for the bike. Basically, because I didn't need anything. It was fun to look around. We also took in the bike show and got some good photos of some unique bikes and trailers. Photos of those are posted below:

This is Jordan not trying to look cool. He is give out on Friday after the ride down to the rally. I just hanging out with the old folks wears him out.

Lots of bikes.

This is a cool trailer but I would not want to ride on it.

After we left the Wing Ding on Friday afternoon, we headed for our hotel. It was a Holiday Inn located in the hood. It was clean, but the service was not so good. They actually gave away my room and put us in a handicap room. Of course, I will let the good old Holiday Inn know about that later. There were a lot of places closed due to the 4th of July weekend, but we make due by ordering room service. At least that was open most of the time.

One of the cool events that was held on Friday at 5 pm was an attempt to set a new worlds record for the most Honda's in a parade. The record could have been broken, but someone failed to tell everyone that had trikes that their bikes didn't count. The record was for 2 wheeled bikes only. Oh well, it was impressive to see all those bikes in a parade for miles.

On Saturday, we headed back the rally in an attempt to see the vendors again. Of course, we only had a 1 day pass and I was not going to pay to go back into the vendors and most likely not buy anything. So we passed on spending $74.00 to get back in. Anyway, we decided to head over to watch a drill team demonstration. It was scheduled to run from 10 am to 12 noon. Well, we got there at 11 am and they were already done. So we missed that too. After missing the drill team perform we decided to take some more pictures of bikes that were outside of the main rally building but old mother nature put a stop to that plan. It started to rain. We decided to head back to the hotel until the rain stopped and then decide on what to do next.

After the rain stopped, we decided to head out to see a movie and get some food. We went and saw Get Smart and ate a Chilli's. That was cool and good way to relax since we were pretty much done with the rally.

oday, we headed back around 8 am. We tried to out run a band of thunderstorms that were heading toward Greenville, but we didn't quite make it. We ended up riding in the rain for about an hour which wasn't that bad. The rain was light and it was nice and cool.

The new trailer did great and it really came in handy on the trip. It was a great investment.

We arrived at home around 11:30 and overall we had a good time. The weather wasn't too bad. The rally could have been better, but it was nice to see all those Goldwings.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!