Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now on Facebook

Well, I finally switched from MySpace to Facebook. It looks like no one else is using MySpace anymore. I am liking the Facebook stuff. It seems easier to use and seems cleaner.


Some Nice Vacation Photos

Here are some of our photos from out west. I took about 300+ photos. We did not take the bike, but enjoy them just the same.

West Photos


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

USAF Tribute

Here is a nice tribute for those that have served or are serving in the USAF. It bought back a lot of good memories. I hope you enjoy the video.

I know it is not motorcycle related, but hey, it's my blog, right?

USAF Tribute Video


Harley for Sale (Police Bike)

If anyone is looking for Harley Davidson King Police bike, I know of someone selling one. It is in excellent shape and has tons of extras. Her husband's father bought the bike before he retired from a police department. It was never used as a police bike and was converted to a regular bike. Below is the details on the bike on Craigslist:

Bike Details

Until next time and remember to not be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.


Monday, July 20, 2009

VA State BBQ Championship in Galax Ride

Saturday was a great day to ride. The weather was awesome and the roads were filled with all types of bikes. Our band of awesome riders consisted of Kevin (Harley) and Carolyn (Nanna), Jordan (AKA Dudley) and of course Slick and I. We had 1 Harley, VTX and Big Red taking out for the ride. We decided to head to Galax VA to the VA BBQ State Championship. Slick actually suggested the ride. It was the first time she has suggested a ride and she picked a good one.

We headed out on highway 52 north toward Mt Airy. We were not too thrilled about riding on highway 52. The ride did get a little better once we got off 52 and on to 74. Highway 74 was nice. There was very little traffic and there were a lot of bikes heading in the same direction as we were.

The ride did get even better once we got on 89 west. 89 took us right into Galax VA. It was Harley and Nanna's first time riding their bikes in VA. So of course we had to stop and get a photo of the two at the state line.

Once we rode into Galax, we could noticed the town was pretty packed with people. The smell of BBQ was in the air, banjos were playing, two guys who thought they were ZZ Top were in the house and people were really enjoying themselves. I had to take in some BBQ. The BBQ was great. Below are a few photos of our trip in Galax:

The girls did what they like to do best; shopping. They stopped at several booths and stores to checkout the stuff for sell. Of course, they had to buy something (it must be a woman thing). I am glad I didn't take my trailer. The girls would have filled it up with all types of stuff. As for the guys, we were concerned with what we do best; eating. Of course, we did that well.

After touring the sites and sounds of Galax, we headed south and back toward home. The trip took us about 5 hours and we put about 200 miles on the bikes. We did notice on the way up on 89, we saw an exit for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Slick and I have ridden a lot of the parkway, but we haven't ridden that part of it. So of course, we will have to take another trip back up that way in the near future to take care of that little issue.

All-in-all, the ride was great. We had great weather and we all enjoyed being together. We are all looking forward to riding again soon.

Until next time and remember, don't be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Great Time Riding This Weekend

Well, it has been about 2 weeks since I got the opportunity to ride. Work and traveling is keeping me pretty busy. Since it was a 3 day weekend and the weather was great we hit the road. Even though the rides were local, they were great. Here is how my travels went...

Friday, Jordan and I took off for Hanging Rock State Park. We headed up highway 52 North toward Mt Airy. For those of you that are not familiar with Mt. Airy, it is the town that Andy Griffin grew up in and the fictional town of Mayberry was born. Actually, if you are an old timer like me and grew up watching Andy Griffin, you will know the story. If you decide to travel there, you can actually visit a lot of things there in regards to Mayberry. Visit Slappy's grill. Andy Griffin ate there as a kid and they are famous for the pork chop sandwich. Right next to Slappy's is Floyd's Barber Shop. If I had hair, I would have gotten my hair cut there. Another thing about Mt Airy is that they have a Mayberry Days festival every year. If you liked the show you need to visit. Sometimes some of the fictional characters that are still living show up there.

Anyway, back to our ride. Jordan and I took off toward Mt Airy. Once we got to the Hanging Rock State Park sigh off of highway 52, we hit some really nice country roads with a lot of great curves. It seems like you ride forever. We just made sure we followed all the Hanging Rock State Park signs so we wouldn't get lost. The ride to the park was lengthy but fun.

We arrived at the park and there were bikes everywhere. You can't blame the bikers. The roads and the weather was great. Jordan and I decided to do a little hiking while at the park. What we thought would be a simple 1.9 mile hike took us over 2.5 hrs to complete. The trail took us straight up the mountain. It was a great hike, but is kicked out butts. Even though the hike was tough the view was awesome and well worth the mistake of taking a hike. Below are few pictures you might enjoy.

After hiking back from our "death march', we hit the road and took a different route back toward highway 52. We basically made a huge circle back to the highway. Again, the roads were curvy and long (just my types of roads). Jordan and I stopped at a local Chic-Fil-a and had a nice meal and headed home. We were exhausted. But wait there is more...

On Saturday, Slick and I meet Jordan at his place and mounted up to hit the road to Lenoir NC and meet with Kevin and Carolyn (my brother and sister-in-laws). Kevin is a Harley man and he has been riding for a few months now. He and Carolyn are enjoying the fun of riding too. I am pretty proud of Kevin. He hasn't been riding very long but now rides like a pro.

We meet Kevin and Carolyn and their home. Kevin had a nice long trip all ready planned out for us that included going into TN. We didn't have that much time, so we had to cut the trip a little short. He took us on some great long back roads on 181 North and up to Linville Gorge and into the Blue Ridge Parkway. Jordan had not ridden too much of the parkway but stated he wanted to ride there again. The scenery of the mountains was awesome!

We we got close too Linville Gorge we all got alittle hungry and Kevin came across a nice little place to stopped called "Pappy's BBQ". Of course we had to stop there just because of the name. We went in and Slick had to tell everyone that my nickname was Pappy and she even showed the workers there my Pappy tattoo. I felt like a big celebrity and I was thinking I might get my food for free. Of course, that didn't happen. They also had a "Pappy's hat there. Slick had to buy me a Pappy's hat. (For those of you they don't know me, I collect hats for my "man cave"). It actually will make a great addition to my hat collection.

After the meal we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway. We also rode the Viaduct on the parkway. That gives everyone a great view of the Great Smokey Mtns (every time I ride up there I look forward to retiring there). Slick and I plan to buy us a little home up there. We are looking forward to that. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

After traveling through the parkway, everyone decided to say goodbye and head back home. Slick, Jordan and I took 321 South back home. It was a long day, but it was nice. It was a great way to spend the weekend. We had great weather, scenery, food, family and fun. Even though I am completely exhausted, I can't wait to ride again.

Until next time and remember to not be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.