Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Ride to Lake Lure

This weekend as a great 2 days of riding. Slick had made arrangements for us to meet her brother and and his wife (Kevin and Carolyn) to go for a little bike ride. The weather was great and we needed to get out of town and do something relaxing. So, we do what we like to do the most to relax; ride.

Slick and I took off from Jamestown around 11 am and heading west on I-40. We meet Kevin and Carolyn off of exit 113 near Hickory NC. We fueled up and started talking about where we wanted to ride. Kevin suggested Lake Lure. Slick and I that was a great idea. We both really enjoy that lake and have been there a couple of times.

After fueling up, we headed west on I-40 and to the Black Mountain exit. Kevin was in the lead and he took us on some really nice back roads. The roads were filled with a lot of nice tight curves. The traffic was really lite since we were traveling on a Friday. Basically we had the roads to ourselves; nice!

Once we arrive at Lake Lure we started looking for a nice place to eat. I suggested a little place right across from the Lake Lure Hotel and beach area. The food was really good. I had eaten there before but only on the side where all the bikers and beer drinkers ate. This time we ate in the main area and the food was really good. All of us enjoyed our meals. If you decide to visit there, you will enjoy it.

After lunch we decided we all wanted to take the boat tour ride on Lake Lure. Slick and I tried taking the tour last year but the weather didn't cooperate. This time the weather was awesome. So we all boarded the boat and got to hear a lot of great history about the lake. The tour guide as entertaining and told everyone of how the lake was formed and about the some of the residents there. We got to see homes on the lake that were worth over 1.5 million dollars. He even showed us the place were "Dirty Dancing" was filmed and how Patrick Swayze was kicked out of the hotel for partying too much during the filming of the movie. He also told us that the movie was filmed in November and the cast froze their butts off filming the scenes in the water. I was able to get a very photos during the boat tour. The photos were taken with my cell phone. Since the Lake Lure trip as a last minute thing, I didn't bring my good camera.

After leaving Lake Lure we headed back the same route. I wanted to enjoy the curvy roads again. I think even Slick liked them. She only squealed twice. Once back on I-40 we headed to Kevin and Carolyn's home. They invited us to spend the night with them, so we took them up on it.

On Saturday, Slick and I prepared to head home. Carolyn had suggested that we take a ride to a winery about an hours ride from their home. So we took off on the ride following Kevin and Carolyn. I am glad they were in the lead because they took on some very nice back roads to the winery. It was some of the best and most relaxing back roads Slick and I had every been on. Even though, we failed to check the time the winery opened (they were closed), we really enjoyed that ride. The roads consisted of a lot of open farm lands, curves and everything a biker would enjoy on that hour long trip. The roads were so nice, it would have been a great place to get lost and try to find our way out.

Once we left the winery were headed back toward I-40. We all said good-bye and headed back home. The 2 day trip put on about 250 miles on Big Red and it was great. We are looking forward to our next ride.

Until next time remember, don't be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mt Airy and Blue Ridge Parkway Ride

Yesterday was a great day for a ride. Slick and I got up in the morning and we were not too sure if the weather was going to hold out. It was cloudy in the morning but after checking the weather forecast it seemed we were going to be okay.

We got on the road around 11:30. By that time it was getting a little toasty and the temperature was suppose to get near 90. It wasn't too bad if we were moving on the bike and it turned out to be nice. We headed toward Winston Salem to highway 52 north and the VA state line. By the time we got there the weather as improving. Not long after we entered VA we headed west on highway 58 west toward Fairy Stone State Park. The bad thing was the park was not on highway 58 west. It turned out it was on some off road and of course we rode right by it. We just said, "Oh well, we have gas, keep riding".

As we headed west we did see a nice lookout called "Lovers Leap". So he had to stop and get a photo or two. I had been there before. I had rode highway 58 west as my first solo ride about 3 years ago. The overlook view was nice and a popular stopping point for those heading toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After leaving Lovers Leap, we headed west to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We noticed a small park off the road and decided to check it out. It turned out to have a nice view of the mountains and some picnic spots. We stopped to take a view photos there. While there, we notice a grave site. It was kind of strange to have a grave site at the park. We noticed that a USAF veteran was buried there. He must have loved the mountains to have asked to have been buried there. You could tell from the site that he was not forget by the flag at his grave site that someone placed there.

After a few photos and quick break we headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway. As usual, the parkway was a nice relaxing ride. Slick and I had been on that part of the parkway before, but it never gets old riding that parkway. We look the rolling hills, farm lands and very lite traffic on the parkway.

After exiting the parkway, we headed to highway 52 south and headed toward Mt Airy. We decided to look for some lunch. We decided to eat a place that wasn't a chain and so we decided to pick the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. It was old restaurant that had been there for many years. Actually the waiters had been working there 27 years. It was an old place but the popcorn shrimp, hush puppies and tea was awesome! After lunch Slick wanted to take a tour of downtown Mt Airy. That took about 3 minutes. It would have been shorted but we had to stop at a couple of stop lights.

Once our bellies were full we headed south toward home. By this time was had been gone about 5 hours. We finally made it home in about 6 hours. Overall, the ride was great. Slick stated it was one of the most relaxing and fun rides she had had in a long time. I had to agree.

If you would like to see photos of our trip just click on the link below and remember, don't be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.

Mt Airy and Blue Ridge Parkway Ride