Friday, August 03, 2007

Pappy Gets RoHo

Thanks to my wonderful wife Slick I got RoHo last night. If you don't know what Roho is, it is a little goofy looking rubber chicken that is given out for people in our Goldwing chapter that do weird, stupid or goofy stuff. Each month someone in our group is nominated for the award. This month I got it for spending the night on my Blue Ridge Parkway trip in Cherokee NC. I stayed at the Pink Motel. It was a old but clean motel. Yes, the name is gay, but it worked out and I am fully aware of my manhood. Slick also continued to point out that I ate my dinner at the 'Big Boy' across the street. For some reason, she and the others in our group thought that was funny. I didn't get it.

By being awarded RoHo, I get to make sure I have Roho with me everytime I ride my bike or I will have to donated $5.00 to the chapter fund. Of course, if I get caught by any of our chapter members, Slick can pay the fine since she was the one that helped make sure I got RoHo in the first place.

Below is a picture of RoHo and I:

Thanks Slick! I love ya, but your day is coming.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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Cherryl said...

Our chapter (H in Indiana) has Stinky - a Beanie Baby Skunk. He has ridden with us several times. He comes with a small notebook and we have to journal all of the places that Stinky gets to ride to.