Monday, June 08, 2009

New Tatto...Slick

Slick, Japper and I t0ok a trip down to Sunset Beach this weekend and I got a new tattoo. It was a tattoo of the word "Slick" in the old English font on my left arm. It looks pretty cool. As I was sitting there getting carved up I realized I needed to get one more tattoo. I need to get the word "Japper" on my arm underneath "Slick". That way I will have all of my families nick names. I am just glad there are only 3 of us. Below is a shot of me getting branded with my wife's nick name "Slick". I love the little lady.

Until next time and remember to not be so busy making a living your forget to make a life.


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Winchester Research said...


We must be living in parallel universes...I just had my tats updated and edited in Ottawa. Futureskin's Sylvain is an awesome young tat artist. Both times he has done tattoo work for me, I have had ZERO scabbing or any other problem I typically hear about. The kid is good. My Yin/Yang with opposing bear paws (yin yang for peronal balance and the bear paws to stomp on my inner wus :) was a bit faded, so Sylvain re-inked it and the kanjii characters for Wisdom on my left seemed puny, so Sylvain added a cool ancient-looking scroll around it is tight!

Thanks for following my blog...I'll psot a link to yours as well.

Cheers and keep the shiny side up!