Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nice Sunday Morning Ride

This morning I took off at 8 am for a nice Sunday morning ride. There is just something about heading off for an early morning ride and Sunday morning is my favorite time. The weather was in the mid 60's and there was no traffic. That is just what I enjoy. The only thing missing was Slick. She was out of town and I decided to go solo.

I took off at 8 am headed toward Lexington NC from Jamestown. Even though business 85 is a four lane highway there is normally very little traffic. So was the case this morning. I decided to head toward Lexington and I am glad I did. The town was dead. It gave me an opportunity to take the ride through town slow and really enjoy it. I have been through the town on a couple of occasions. I enjoy Lexington. It has the old southern town feel. If you decide to ride through Lexington take the time to stop and snap some photos of all the ceramic pigs on the streets. The town is famous of it's BBQ.

After leaving Lexington I headed south on NC 8. That took me toward High Rock Lake. There wasn't much to see of the lake from the main road. I did pass over bridge at the lake. It looked like a great place. I did notice that there were some camping grounds there. Jordan, Kevin and I have been talking about camping one weekend before it got too cold. That camp grounds is an option.

After leaving High Rock Lake I headed further south until I got to NC 49. There I took a left and then headed toward highway 109. The southern part of NC 8 and north on 1o9 is my type of road. There a many long stretches of road and not much traffic. You will see a lot of bikers on 109. I have actually traveled a lot of 109. One day I took the road all the way to South Carolina. Of course, I didn't plan to go that far, but I ended up there because I wanted to see where it went. Slick wasn't too thrilled about me going that far. Luckily my phone worked so I could call her and let her know I was okay.

After traveling north on 109, I headed into Thomasville NC. Again, it was a great time to go through the town; no traffic. Once I was through Thomasville, I hit business 85 and headed home.

There route was a little over 100 miles and only took about 2.5 hrs. It was a great morning to ride and seeing the small towns and country roads made my day. The only thing missing was Slick. She wasn't physically with me, but she was still there.

Until next time and remember to not be so busy making a living you forget to make a life.


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Pinky said...

I've had to ride solo a lot lately, but it does have it's advantages. I enjoyed your blog, and especially the quote "don't be too busy making a living...