Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday's Ride to VA

Slick and I had a really nice ride yesterday. The weather was great. The high got up to around 70 and so we headed off to VA again. This time we decide to head up 29 toward Reidville and then take a easterly direction toward Oxford on highway 158. That part of the trip was nice. There were a lot of great little towns and farm land on that part of the trip. There was also very little traffic once we got through the busy part of highway 29 in Greensboro. Actually, the traffic was pretty lite considering we left home around 1030. After we arrived in Oxford we headed up highway 501. That was a nice area too. It actually had more farm land than the highway 158 route. From Oxford we headed toward VA to a nice small town called "South Boston". It was a pretty little town. It was so nice we decided to ride through main street to see the small and old buildings in town. The town was very clean too.

After a quick lunch at Mickey D's, we headed west on highway 58 toward highway 29 and back home. By this time we had been gone about 3.5 hours. That part of the trip was mainly all 4 lane highway but it was nice and had very little traffic. We actually saw a yard were someone built a UFO out of tin and placed it in their front yard near the highway. Some people are really out there and have way too much time on their hands.

Once we hit highway 29, we headed back home. We put a total of 225 miles on Big Red that day. It was a nice ride and I actually had very little trouble on Big Red. It is amazing how much you enjoy the trip when you actually improve your riding skills.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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