Sunday, November 05, 2006

Eller Family Fundraiser Update

Saturday was our chapter fundraiser for the Eller family. It was a great success. Our chapter was able to raise almost $2800.00 for the family through the ticket sales for the TV we were raffling off. The bad news is I didn’t win. The good news is that the money will go toward helping the family over the next several months. It will also help them provide a nice Christmas for their 2 young children too.

Our chapter also had a nice yard sell too to raise money for the family too. Many of the chapter members brought a lot of their own goods into sell. All the money went for the Weller family. What amazed me is what people will buy but most of all how cheap they can be. Several of our members had to remind some people the money was for a needy family and it was a fundraiser. Of course, some people wanted stuff for practically free. Sad, just sad… Below is a picture from our yard sale and Slick attempting to sale a couple dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on the highway in front of our yard sale location. By the way, I had 4 and I was told Lennie had about a half dozen. So I don’t feel too guilty.

Later in the day our chapter and some of Craig’s friends had a surprise birthday party for Craig at Captain Tom’s in Staley. The old goat turns 50 on 9 November. We all had a good time and he had a great turn out. You could tell he was loved. Actually, I think most of the people that attended just wanted to make fun of the old goat. Anyway, he deserved a nice party in his honor. He has given a lot to a lot of people, including Slick and I. We are truly grateful for is friendship. Below are a couple of photos from Craig’s birthday party. Make a quick note of Craig’s hat. At first I thought he was the Skipper from Gillian’s Island.

As for riding my bike, I haven’t gotten to ride it in a while. Man, did a lot of us in the chapter want to when we noticed about 20 Harley’s riding by during our yard sale. Half of the day would have been great for a ride. The first half, we would have frozen our butts off.

Slick and I plan to take a trip to VA next Saturday. Most of our trips have been south of home. So we thought a nice ride up highway 29 would be great. I need to get a ride in next week because I have to fly to Detroit the following Monday. As a matter of fact, I am actually writing this blog entry at the airport on my way to West Palm Beach Florida. Going to Florida sounds like a nice trip for the winter, but I would actually rather be home with Slick and riding my bike next week. Oh well, there will be more opportunities to ride in the weeks to come. I am just glad Slick so understanding of the trips I have to take with my job. Most women couldn’t handle all of my travel. She is a strong lady and I am proud to have her for my wife.

I hear them boarding the plane. It’s off to West Palm Beach Florida. I know it is hard, but someone has to do it.

Until next time and enjoy the ride.


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