Monday, October 30, 2006

Shadow was Sold Today

Well, my Honda Shadow was sold yesterday. I sold it to a nice young couple in Liberty NC. They wanted a bike that they could practice with because they are new to riding street bikes. They actually reminded me of Slick and I. Like us in the beginning, they too plan to take the riders course in a couple of weeks and then start practicing on the Shadow. It is an excellent bike for that. It really came in handy when I needed to practice my basic riding skills. Heck, I am still practicing. I guess I always will be. I will miss the little Shadow. It was a good bike. But, of course, it can’t compete with Big Red.

I also got to take Big Red out for a couple of hours on Sunday. It was an excellent day to ride. I took it about 120 (round trip) miles on highway 220. I rode down to Seagrove, NC. It was a nice little ride and a good way to spend a couple of hours. I look forward to riding more in the up coming months, if I can stay home long enough.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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