Friday, October 06, 2006

Victory Junction Gang Fundraiser

Well, as most people that know Slick and I belong to the Goldwing Road Riders Association. But you may not realize that one thing that our club and the organization does is help the community with fundraisers. One organization we help each year is the Victory Junction Gang. Below is the website the Victory Junction Gang.

With at said, we are offering tickets to raise money for children and in return you could win some cash too. There will be 2 drawings. One drawing is for $250.00 and 2 drawing for $25.00. Each ticket is only $5.00 for a chance at winning the cash. But most of all, you are helping a child.

I do have ticket available. You don't have to be present to win and the drawing will be held December 7th. If you would like to buy and ticket and can't see me, just send me your money and I will mail you your ticket(s). So if you want a chance to win some cash and help a child, let me know. I expect the tickets to go fast.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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