Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Fling...Here We Come!

Well, Slick and I are preparing for our first trip to Spring Fling in Pigon Forge, TN. We are going with our chapter to the event and from what I was told it sounds like we will be having a great time. There will be lots of vendors and I plan to buy a lot of cool stuff for Big Red. The weather looks great for the trip and the scenery should be awesome. Everyone that knows me knows how much I enjoy the mountains and combine that with Slick and Big Red, and I am set.

Tonight we start packing for our trip. The packaging should be interesting since this will be our first trip on the bike and the trip will last more than 1 day. So packing for the trip will be a little tight. I figure in the next year or so I will have to brake down and buy a trailer for trips that last longer than a few days. The good thing about the Spring Fling trip is that several of our fellow wingers have their own trailers and have been really generous in saying they will bring back anything we can't bring back.

I plan to take a lot of pictures and posts some of the stuff that happens on the trip. It should be a great time and we are really looking forward to the trip.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

VA Trip Today!

Today Slick and I went on one of our regular trips to VA to eat at Wendy's. No, it is not that the Wendy's aross the border in VA is all that great, but it is an excuse to ride. So we took it. After a little snack at Wendy's we headed east on highway 58 east to Danville VA. Once we got to Danville we headed back on highway 29 south toward home.

We did make a couple of stops. One was at a rest stop and information center as we crossed back into NC. There we saw couple of Harley riders. The two riders were from Wilson NC and it looked like they had been camping for a few days. They were going to head to WV but they had heard of a bad motorcycle accidents and they decide to avoid that area. One guy came over to me and looked at Big Red and said that was a really pretty bike. He also thought it was new. I must take good care of it because a lot of people think Big Red is new. Also at the rest stop I had 2 other people stop and said they thought the bike was beautiful. One guy also said that is one really red bike. I like that because it make it unique.

As we left the information center we made 2 more stops. Both of them were at Slick's favorite hangout, Walmart. Of course, I didn't go in. Those that know me know I hate to shop unless it is at a motorcycle shop or on the Internet. Even at Walmart, I had people stopping to look at Big Red and made comments on the bike. Once dude walked from 3 rows over just look at Big Red and said, dude that is once nice bike.

After the 2 stops at Wally World we headed toward home. Slick was in the mood for a shake so we headed to Archdale to have a shake at the Cookout Drive Thru. We hung out there and watched all the Harley's stop in at a place across the street called the "Bandana". It looked pretty cool. Oh yeah, even at the Cookout a couple in a mini-van stopped and asked me about Big Red. He asked me what it was. I told him it was a Goldwing. He said he wanted to get he and his wife one. Of course, I said you should. Hey everyone should have a motorcycle, right?

Finally, we headed home and the ride was done for the day. It was a great 80 degree day, lots of sun and plenty of motorcycles were out and about. I finished up the day with washing and polishing Big Red. All in all, it was a great day and the rest of the week looks great too as we prepare for our trip to Spring Fling in TN on Thursday. Can you say "Road Trip"?

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Great Article from My Motorcycle Mentor

Below is a great article from my motorcycle motor, Craig. He is old but he is wise. Enjoy!

Enthusiasm, Skill and PBS?

About three month’s ago a rider died when he hit some gravel while participating in a charity ride to raise some funds for another rider that died a couple of month’s earlier. Now someone will be remembering him with a Charity Fundraiser. This rider had been motorcycling for many years. But, he hadn’t had an ERC refresher in many years. An ERC skill refresher quite possibly could have saved his life. This rider had too little skill and not enough enthusiasm to take an ERC refresher course.

A year ago a rider ran head on into a dump truck in a curve. This rider only had his motorcycle for about a month. He hadn’t taken a BRC or read any Motorcycle Safety Information before purchasing his motorcycle. This information was available online or at his place of employment. It was reported that this rider was trying to turn his handlebars away from the on coming truck. Instead, unknowingly he performed a Counter Steer, right into the truck. Had he the enthusiasm to participate in a BRC and learned the proper motor skills quite possibly he could have been with us alive and well today. Rider error? Yes! This rider had too much enthusiasm with not enough skill.

Last year a rider on a Sport Bike struck an SUV at an intersection. The 350 pound Sports Bike knocked over the 5000 pound SUV. The result of this rider’s negligence is he and an innocent victim are now dead. Rider error? No! Too much enthusiasm with too little skill? No! This rider had too little brain power. I prefer to call this Pea Brain Syndrome (PBS). Being able to stop a motorcycle is more important than going fast! It seems this rider never learned to stop his motorcycle. And now he won’t have the chance to learn.

PBS we see it all of the time. Riders pulling stunts like wheelies, handstands, sitting on the handlebars and other stunts on the streets, highways and interstates. Now let’s not forget my favorite PBS, racing on the public thoroughfares! Racing on the public thoroughfares is not the place. Take it to the track. On the racetrack if the rider loses control he has hay bales to tumble into if he goes down. Maybe he’ll pay a visit to the ambulance for a strip of gauze and head back to the pits to straighten his handlebars and to think about his mistakes. On the public thoroughfares this type of thinking and practice is a no win for everyone.

Furthermore, it seems that the PBS has migrated from the youth culture to our older and mature culture. It’s been my observations that many matured riders are riding immaturely. Using excessive speed through curves and through unknown highways and back-roads, overriding their headlights at night, failing to slow down while riding in the rain, and just plain riding too fast for the overall road conditions.

We as members of the GWRRA need to remember that we are observed by others the same as the crotch rocket culture. When non-cyclists see a motorcyclist they are just looking for the slightest mistake or error to make a negative comment. Remember this, someone will tell approximately 11 other people of what they saw negatively. Where as that same person will tell approximately 3 other people of something a motorcyclist has done correctly or nice. We must always be the example and lead as the example. Let’s continue to be the organization in the forefront of motorcycle safety. As always, let’s think before we act. Safety is for life!

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Progressive Ride

Saturday our Goldwing chapter had a great progressive ride. If anyone is not sure what that is, that is where we found another excuse to eat. Actually, it is a great event in which we all meet at one of our members homes and do a little fellowship and enjoy each others company.

We started the progressive ride at Lennie's home. There we had a great salad and some really nice fresh fruit. We stayed there for awhile and talked about how nice Lennie's home is. He and his wife are some really unique people. They do a lot for kids in there home. Angie and I really respect them for that and don't see how they do it. They have a lot of love for the kids they help and support.

After the salad bar, about 12 bikes headed toward Donna and Brian's home for chilli. Of course, my old buddy Craig (aka Pops), took us on some country back roads. Slick and I had no idea where we were going, but we both thought we heard banjo's. It was pretty impressive to see all those cool looking Goldwings headed down the highway and through the country roads.

Once we arrived at Donna and Brian's home we all piled in and took a quick tour of their home. They have a really nice home. After the tour, we did what all Goldwingers are noted for; we ate again. This time it was chilli, chips and dip. Donna made several types of chilli. All of them were great. After words she said that it was the first time she had made some of the chilli and we were her test subjects. All I know it was some good stuff and as of the time of this post no one had to go to the hospital. (Donna if you read this, it was great chilli).

After Donna and Brian's stop it was time to head to Andrew and Vickie's homestead for guess what; desert. We all jumped on our bikes and by this time it was dark. Slick and I were not sure where we were for most of the trip to Vickie and Andrews home until we were almost there. Once we arrived, everyone headed for our last meal of deserts, drinks and coffee. All of which were great. A lot of the guys sat around and told stories of how they dropped their bikes and wives. I thought those stories were great. I haven't dropped Slick yet but I have come close. I know my day is coming.

After about an hour it was time to hit the road and head back home. Slick and I had a great day of riding. We actually rode about 2.5 hours in the morning and then with our chapter Saturday night. We all had a great time and the chapter is already looking forward to planning another progressive ride other members homes. That should be fun.

Next event for our chapter is the Spring Fling in TN in April. That should be fun.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!