Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dave Coyner’s Appalachian Highways

If you are like me and like to research information on traveling this great land of ours you might be interested in a pretty cool website called “Dave Coyner’s Appalachian Highways” at:


The site is pretty nice and features information on Dave’s trips through the Appalachian regions. He as a newsletter you can subscribe too. I just did. He also has great book and a gallery of photos on the website. I like the book. He gave us a free copy when I bought my new Escape trailer for Big Red a few months ago. The book has some great routes, it is a fun and easy read and some really nice maps to plan your next trip. I am already planning some trips for Slick and I next year.

So if you like to read about trips in the Appalachian region or want to plan for one, you would be doing yourself a big favor by checking the website, newsletter and book out.

Until next time and remember that life begins at the end of the off ramp.


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TBB said...

Nice blog! I'm looking forward to reading some more of your entries.

I hope we can meet up someday at one of the GL1800riders.com board events.