Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quite Country Road

Saturday was a nice day to ride through the country. I was looking for a website earlier in the week that had some suggestions for some motorcycle routes I could take. I was a little tired of riding the same routes in the Triad so I need to find some other places to explore. I found a little website that mentioned a couple of nice routes that other bikes had taken. Then I talked Jordan into going with me. Slick was a little under the weather and besides it was a little too hot for her to ride on Saturday. Below is the site and route of the trip Jordan and I took:

The ride stared out pretty boring because Jordan and I took interstate 40 to get to our beginning point in Efland. From home we headed east on I-40 and took the Mebane exit. There we filled up because we read that there were no gas stations, stores and rest rooms on the country route. Once we filled up in Mebane we hit US 70 east and then started our trip into the country.

Once on the country roads, it was nice. There were a lot of farm lands, old farm houses, and it actually felt like going back in time about 20 years. The road was in great condition all the way through route 157 north. Once we hit US 501 we ran into just a little bit of traffic. I actually messed up on the end of the route because I was supposed to turn off on Mason Road and head east back to 70. I missed the road and we continued south down to Durham NC. I didn’t want to go that way because I hate riding the interstates. Interstates are so boring.

Once Jordan and I got back on the interstate from Durham we headed west to Burlington where Jordan and I jumped off onto route 62 and on a nice stretch of country roads. We continued from there back home.

All-in-all the trip was nice and I plan to go back with Slick to do the whole thing back over again. But this time not miss Mason Rd. The trip lasted about 4.5 hours. I am sure Slick will like the trip because she is like me and enjoys the country roads.

If anyone reads the blogs takes the route, let me know how you like it. I am also looking for other routes that I could ride too.

Until next time and remember, life begins at the end of the off ramp.


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Anonymous said...

hey, you're friendly anonymous reader, here. You were in my neck of the woods last weekend. I live in Durham. wish i was out and about more to have possibly seen you. i'll actually sign a tag so i don't stay anonymous. i'm the one who likes to read your blog. keep ridin' free! -mbrame