Sunday, September 07, 2008

Devil's Stomping Ground Route

Well, Slick and I just got back from a really nice route from the NC Scenic Byways book. This route was called the "Devil's Stomping Ground" which runs from Seagrove to Pittsboro NC. It is about a 43 mile ride through some great country roads. Slick and I love to get up early on Sunday morning to ride the back roads of NC. Today was one of those great rides. Below is the a map of the route:

The weather when we started out was in the mid 70's with overcast skies. We left home from Jamestown and headed down highway 311 to interstate 220 toward Seagrove. Going down highway 311 is a nice ride to get to 220 especially on Sunday mornings. It was nice with basically no traffic going through Archdale. The only bad part of the trip was when we hit the section of road that has the 311 flee market. Not that the road or traffic was bad, it was just that Slick found another place for me to take her. She loves flee markets (hey she's a girl and love to shop, period). But that is not the real excitement of the day. She found out we were going through Seagrove.

Why is Seagrove a big deal? Well, Seagrove is a small town famous for pottery. Of course it was Sunday and nothing was open. However, we did see a sign off of interstate 220 that said the 27th Pottery Festival was starting Thanksgiving weekend. I guess you can imagine where we will be that weekend.

After Slick calmed down we continued on through Seagrove. If you ever go there, don't blink or you will miss it. It is a nice small town and fun to slowly cruise through on your bike. Slick saw several stores she plans to visit in the near future.

After traveling through Seagrove we continued on 705 to connect to highway 902 to Pittsboro NC. The roads were in pretty good condition and the route had many miles of farm land. Slick and I really like those types of rides. We get so caught up in the quite rides in the country, we sometimes don't even speak to one another. We just enjoy the quietness of the moment and forget the pressures of everyday life.

Now as for the Devil's Stomping Ground, we missed that. Apparently it is off the beaten path near Bear Cove. I didn't even see the sigh for Bear Cove. So we plan to take another trip soon to actually try to find it. Until then I have posted a photo of the place that is from the NC Scenic Byways book.

As we continued north on 902 we ran into highway 64. We headed west on highway 64 and back home. If you do decide to take highway 64 you will sorta be back in civilization. It is a nice road too.

All-in-all, the trip took us 3 hours and is was really nice. If you have every considered riding the route before, I say "go for it". If you like traveling through the back roads of NC, you will like this trip.

Until next time and remember life begins at the end of the off ramp.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, mbrame from NC. Is it me or does that picture look like 3 individuals wearing red suits coming out of the fire????? I know that sounds odd, but the camera did something pretty interesting...