Monday, February 09, 2009

Pilot Mountain State Park Ride

Sunday was another nice day to ride. The weather held up for most of the trip. Slick and I were accompanied this time by Jordan and his girl friend Sara. Sara is new biker. Actually, it was her second time on a bike. Jordan is slowly trying to break her in into the joys of motorcycle riding.

Jordan and Sara showed up at the house around 11 am and the weather was great. The temps were in the upper 50's and were supposed to reach near 70 by the end of day. The sky was clear and we were ready to ride. Slick was packing the bike like we were going camping and I thought I was going to have to take the trailer.

Once on the road, we all headed on the same route I took on Saturday toward Hanging Rock State Park. On highway 52, we thought we were going to run in to rain (of course the weather man didn't mention that). Lucky for us, it did not rain, but it did get kind of cool as a front was coming in as we approached the base of the state park. Once at the park the clouds moved out it started to warm up a little.

Once we entered the park, we headed up the mountain and it was a pretty curvy road. I think the girls got a little worried about the road, but they did fine. They were very quite, but hung in there. I can always tell when Slick is a little nervous, she gets very quite.

As we reached the top of Pilot Mountain State Park we were greeted with a parking lot full of people taking pictures and hiking. I guess everyone had the same idea we had. We did see a few other bikers there enjoying the park. We decided to take a few photos from the top of the mountain. Check them out:

After taking some photos and doing a mini hike, we headed down the mountain. The girls got quite again because of the curves. For them, they were glad the ride down didn't take too long. Once down from the mountain, we headed south on highway 52 toward home and to get some food. You know, food always taste better when you on a ride and when someone else pays (thanks Japper!).

All-in-all, the ride was great and took about 3.5 hours. Now it is time to plan our next ride which will probably be another state park. I figure Lake James State Park sounds good.

Until next time and remember life begins at the end of the off ramp.


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