Sunday, December 03, 2006

Murdock Center Ride to Butner NC

Yesterday was a fun day for Slick and I. We traveled with our GWRRA chapter group to Butner, NC and visited the Murdock Center. We started the day riding to Burlington NC to meet our group for breakfast. Most of the group met in Archdale and rode in ahead of us. Since Slick and I saw no need to back track we decided to meet them in Burlington. Once we got to Burlington and dismounted Big Red, Slick made the decision we needed to show some holiday spirit and so she slapped a Santa hat on my big bald head. Slick had a hat too and of course she looked cute. Of course, those that know me, know how much I love Christmas. I felt kind of goofy until I saw my OLD buddy Craig looking as goofy as me (actually, I think he looked worse). However, once we arrive at the Murdock center, no one looked goofier than Kenny in this cool elfing magic elf suit. If I was told I had to wear that, I would have put up a fight about that one.

As we head east to Butner NC, were enjoyed the nice crisp morning air. Actually, it was pretty cool. Everyone seemed to have been prepared for the trip and the crisp air (COLD). Once we arrived at Butner, we pulled in to the Murdock community and there we saw dozens of other bikers. Actually, the unofficial count was 61 bikes rode in for the event. Speaking of the event, the GWRRA chapters were all there to drop off presents for the residents of the community and provide a nice Goldwing parade for the residents. Slick and I participated in the parade and the residents seemed to have enjoyed it as much as we did.

After the parade, some of the residents put on a show for us in the school gym. Some sang Christmas songs. It was amazing to see how talented the residents were and how much they enjoyed performing for us. We were also serviced lunch too; which was nice.

After some of the standard ticket drawings were completed, everyone headed out. Slick and I headed back alone. The ride back was pretty nice since the crispness had worn off (it got warmer). All in all we put on a total of 164 miles. We had a great time.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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