Sunday, July 08, 2007

Great Sunday Morning Mini-Trip

Today Slick and I took a little trip up north today. Actually it was about a 3.5 hour ride. It was a beautiful day to ride. It was a little toasty but not enough not to ride. We headed out about 8:30 am from home and headed to highway 52 toward Winston Salem. We actually enjoy riding early on Sunday mornings because of the lack of traffic and it is a little cooler this time of year. We headed toward Mt. Pilot and Mt. Airy. We had a great view of Mt. Pilot this morning. The skies were clear and bright. Just right for the view of one weird looking mountain.

Once we got a little south of Mt. Airy it was time to hit 89 east toward Madison. Both of us had not been there before and I did expect a nice country road on that part of the trip. Man, did we get that. We were really in the sticks and really enjoyed it. One thing that did surprise both of us was the amount of curves on 89. We did have some interesting events on 89. We saw a pretty good size deer that threatened to jump out in front of me. The deer did ran back in the woods which was a good thing for us and the deer. Another thing was a small dog decided the get the crap scared out of him. He was about 50 yards in front of us on our side of road. I figured the stupid dog would move since he was looking right at us coming toward him. I guess the little fellar was blind because he decide to run in the opposite direction in front of me doing about 50 mph. He came within a foot of my front tire. I had decided that if he ran in front of me, he was going to get hit. I have heard of too many riders having wrecks trying to avoiding dogs. I was not going to be one of them. Besides, when I took the motorcycle course, they had us run over a 2x4 board. I guess the board represented a dog because I haven't seen too many boards in the road. Anyway, Spot almost got hit. Lucky for him, I was quick enough to use my superior quick stop skills (just kidding) and avoid tagging his little butt.

After we left 89 we hit 704. That road was just like 89 but less curves. (Did I mention Slick is not too crazy about curves? They scare her, but deep down, I think she really likes them). We headed east on 704 to Madison. Once we got to Madison we jumped on highway 220 south and headed back home.

The trip was a nice short trip for a Sunday morning. We had great country roads, open fields, great views and even some wild life to hit if we needed too. We do plan to do that trip again. It was a nice trip for about a 4 hour ride.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


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Cherryl said...

We really enjoy reading about your trips on your bike. We have a 1999 GL1500 and are out on the bike every weekend. We are the Chapter Directors of Indiana Chapter H in Goshen Indiana. If you ever get a chance to get up this way, be sure to give us a call and we will show you around the area (we are about 15 miles from Shipshewana). Keep posting and we will keep reading.