Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pappy and Slick on Smokey

Below is a picture of Slick and I on Jordan's new bike (aka Smokey).

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Ride to Chesterfield South Carolina

Yesterday was a great ride with my son. Jordan and I took a trip to Chesterfield SC. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing in Chesterfield but it was a good excuse to ride. Plus, it gives Jordan bragging rights that he visited another state. That is 3 now that he has ridden in since he started riding if anyone is keeping count (NC, SC and VA).

Jordan and I headed down highway 85 to highway 109 at Thomasville. We rode most of the way on 109 until we got to Wadesboro NC where we jumped on 145 South to the SC border. There it gave Jordan an opportunity to snap a photo proving he really did visit SC.

When hit the southern part of NC and into SC you could tell those areas were pretty poor and basically there isn’t crap there, except for good places to ride motorcycles. Once we got into Chesterfield we found a Sub place to get. The food was okay but the place was a little nasty. It even had flies in the winter time in the place. Now that is pretty bad.

Once we ate we cruised around Chesterfield for about 5 minutes. I did mention there was nothing there, right? Next we jumped back on 145 north and back in to NC. Of course, Jordan needed a photo of that state sign too.

After the photo, we headed north to highway 74. Once on 74 we headed east to jump on highway 220 and then 73 west to Troy NC and highway 109 north. There Jordan wanted to stop and get his photo at a sign that he thought was kind of cool, so we did that. It also gave us a break and a chance to snap some other photos.

Next we headed north through the Uwharrie National Forest. There is not much there except it is a pretty big area and has some great 2 lane roads to ride. We also snapped a picture there too.

All-in-all the entire trip was great. I got to spend quality time with my son and he got to enjoy riding Smokey. Actually, he didn’t complain too much. He did say it was ticking him off that I was cruising down the road listening to the radio and CD’s and using my cruise control. Actually, I told him he needed to not ride beside me so much because his loud bike was making it hard for me to hear my music. He also whined about not having cruise control on Smokey and his hand was cramping (what a whiner). I think his next purchase will be cruise. He will need it before we head to the beach and to Wing Ding in South Carolina in July.

Overall we rode 250 miles. I enjoyed the ride and I hope we get to have many more in the future. Good times!

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Friday, February 08, 2008

Heading to SC with Dudley

Tomorrow, Jordan and I plan to hit the road to Chesterfield SC. There is nothing there but it does give us a chance to ride somewhere. I was looking at the route and a lot of the route is rural and back roads. It should be a good ride. The high is going to be around the mid 60’s and sunny. It will be a great day for riding and snapping a few pictures of the trip. Jordan mainly wants to get a picture showing he has been to South Carolina on Smokey. I had been there once last year on Big Red. Of course, Slick would have freaked out if she had known I had been that far without letting her know. So course, I don’t say anything until I got back home. This time she knows.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Gerbing Gloves

This morning I tried the Gerbing heated gloves for the first time. Man, were they great. My hands were nice and toasty for the 35 degree morning. Now I am set for the cold weather even though spring is almost here. Thanks to my good buddy Craig I am ready for next year and the cold weather. Who knows, I may even break my record for riding in 17 degrees weather. With the new gloves I will have no problem doing that.

I also would like to thank Craig for adding a group of stuff on Big Red last Friday. He put on my trailer hitch and the wiring, the wiring for my new Gerbing gloves and the grills that go behind the shark fins. He really likes installing those grills….NOT! Craig is amazing. There is nothing that old goat can’t fix (except a computer).

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dudley Gets a New Toy…Smokey

Well, Jordan (AKA Dudley) got a new ride this weekend. He and I headed to the Cycle Center in Asheboro to look at bikes. When we arrived we happen to see the same bike that we both thought was a great deal about 5 weeks ago. The bike was still there and I thought I would try to grab it before someone else did. It is a nice gray Honda VTX 1300. The bike was such a great buy because it had a lot of the accessories that Jordan wanted already on the bike. So last Saturday I bought it and this past Saturday Jordan and I went to pick it up.

Jordan was a little nervous about riding the bike from the Cycle Center so he asks me to ride it first. It was a nice ride but man is that bike loud. Everyone can hear you roaring down the road. It ran great and had a lot more power than the Honda Shadow Jordan was riding before. By the way, guess who will be riding the little Shadow now. That’s right, good old dad.

Anyway, after leaving the Cycle Center I rode the bike back to the house. Jordan was getting a little ticked at dad because the thought I was having too much fun riding the bike and taking my sweet little time getting back home. Of course, he was right.

Once home, Jordan and I took the bike over to a local parking lot for Jordan to get the feel of his new toy. He adjusted to the new bike just fine and now is enjoying his need freedom on ‘Smokey’ (he hasn’t given it a name yet, so I thought I would for now).

So next time you hear a loud roaring steal horse riding though you neighborhood, take a look, it may be Dudley cruising through. Don’t forget to wave, he most likely will not be able to hear you.

Below are a couple of photos of Jordan's new ride:

Until next time and enjoy the ride.