Monday, June 30, 2008

Sky Diving Videos

This has nothing to do with motorcycles but it is cool. It is video's of Jordan and I on our first sky diving jump. Maybe one day you could join us on a jump. It is awesome! Enjoy!

Roger’s Video

Jordan’s Video


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Red's Escapade Elite Trailer

Well today I got a chance to practice with my new Escapade Elite trailer. It was great! It handled very well and it was like I wasn't pulling anything. I needed the practice since my first big trip with it will be with Slick and Jordan on the 4th of July weekend. We are heading to Wing Ding in Greenville SC for a couple of days.

A lot of people wanted to see photos of Big Red and the new trailer. So here are a few for you. Enjoy!

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Slick's Birthday Ride

Slick had her birthday yesterday and she wanted to take a ride as part of her birthday. We decided to head to the Blue Ride Parkway near Deep Gap NC. It was a nice day for a ride.. We headed toward Deep Gap NC via highway 421 north. We had never took that route before and we both found we liked that route rather than taking highway 52 in Winston Salem. The 421 route was pretty nice because of the lack of traffic and the scenery was either open country or hilly once you got past Wilkesboro NC. We also noticed that from Wilkesboro to Deep Gap there were a lot of Christmas tree farms along the way. So if you ever need a Christmas tree head that way.

As we headed toward Deep Gap we both got a little hungry and decided to go past the Deep Gap exit and head toward Boone NC. We road through the old part of Boone which is the part I liked. The only problem was it was hard to find a parking spot to stop and eat. So we headed into the newer part of Boone and found a fancy place for the birthday girl. Have you ever heard of Bojangles (nothing but the best for my baby).

After the fine dining we headed back east to the Deep Gap exit and entered the Blue Ride Parkway. We took a blanket with us so we could find a nice place to lay under a tree and hopefully take a nap and enjoy one of the overlooks. Well we found a nice place, but after about 15 minutes so did family wanting to stop and have a picnic about 10 yards from us. After about 30 minutes the Partridge Family finally decided to leave. So did we.
After the blanket party, we headed north on the parkway and then found our highway 16 exit. We headed south en route back to highway 421. About halfway down highway 16 we decided it was time for some ice cream. So we stopped at a little business called 'Igloo". They just happen to serve sandwiches and of course so really good ice cream. After the ice cream we hit the road again and ran into highway 421. We headed south on 421 to home.
The whole trip took about 5.5 hours. It was nice day for a ride but a little humid. We plan to take that route again in the future when we head west toward the mountains. It is a lot more relaxing than going west on interstate 40.

We had a great time and I think Slick enjoyed her birthday ride.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunset Beach 08 Trip

Last Saturday Slick, Jordan and I took off for our yearly trip to Sunset Beach in NC. We usually take the trip with family and friends. This year we went with my brother-in-law and his wife, Kayle (their grand daughter) and Justin and Molly (Jordan's best friend since childhood).

The trip started off with most of us heading from our home in Jamestown NC. Jordan and I rode our bikes and the rest road in boring, air conditioned vehicles. Jordan and I had a pretty good ride. The trip down to the beach was a little toasty. We got into some stop and go traffic in Rockingham NC. There were road crews painting lines. It was about 92 degrees and like I said, it was a little toasty. It was kind of funny. At one point Jordan said he had never been as thirsty as he was sitting in the traffic and all that heat and humidity. Angie was trying to help. She keep trying to give us water, but the traffic keep her moving too much for her to get out of the car to give us the water. I know some people were feeling sorry for us while others just sat in the their boring cars and laughed. That was okay with me, I was enjoying the sun shine, getting a tan and saving gas (at least that is what I kept telling myself). After about 4.5 hrs we arrived at the beach house. It wasn't too bad and the trip down to the beach was only 215 miles.

Once at the beach we had set up our schedule of events for the weeks. Most the time the girls wanted to lay on the beach and baked and later went shopping. The guys did the other cool stuff. We played golf at a par 3 course on Monday. It was Kevin and I against the young guns in golf. Of course, we lost. But hey, it was fun anyway. We also lost to them in mini-golf later in week, but we will not talk about that.

On Wednesday the guys went Skeedoing for about an hour and that was fun. It was Kevin's first time on some Skeedo's and he did great. After Skeedoing, Jordan, Justin and I prepared for the most exciting part of our trip. On Thursday we scheduled our first ever skydiving adventure. All of us have wanted to do that for a long time. So we scheduled it and it was awesome! It was so much of rush and it takes you a couple of hours to come down from the rush. I was the first to go up. Jordan and Justin followed. If you ever get a chance to skydive, do it. Life is too short and don't say I have always wanted to do it, just do it. Set and date and do it. There is nothing better than traveling/falling at 120 mph for 30 seconds. Justin, Jordan and I plan to make skydiving part of our trip ever time we go to Sunset Beach in NC. We also plan to use the same instructor, Stew at Skydive Coastal Carolinas. He made us feel so comfortable and was a great instructor. Below are some pictures of our skydiving day.

On Friday, I full filled a promised to Jordan. I got my first tattoo. Jordan took the before and after photos of tattoos and me getting it. I like it and with any tattoo, it has a story behind it.

On Saturday, we headed back. The week's weather was very nice with a few showers in the afternoon. On our ride back, it was not hot like it was on the trip down. Jordan and I got to enjoy rain about half of the trip as we headed back home. Most of the rain was at the beginning of the trip. At one point we had to pull over to put on the rain gear because the clouds were really looking bad and it was lightening . We actually had to seek shelter for about 30 minutes because the rain was so bad and there was some flash flooding. But hey, that is what traveling on a motorcycle is all about, right. You have to deal with what is up head, right?
All in all we had a great trip. We put on about 500 miles on the bikes and had a great time.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Motorcycle Site

Saturday Slick and I went to Sterling VA to pick up our new Escapade Elite motorcycle trailer. The company that built the trailer is Open Road Outfitters. They did a great job on the trailer and they told us everyone was inquiring about the trailer because of the color. For some reason, a lot of people really like the color, flare red. I have to admit, Slick and I do too.

We meet with Sandy and Dale Coyner who were really nice and the owners of the company. Slick also found out that Dale was also an author of a couple of books on traveling the Appalachian Mtns. He actually gave us a copy of one of his books so we could read it on the way back to NC with the trailer.

I thought everyone that would like to find out more about Open Road Outfitters and Dale Coyner's book they could visit his website at

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Johnny "Pops" Cooper Passes Away

It is sad to post this entry on my blog but I feel I need to. This Sunday an old biker friend of Slick and I passed away due to a motorcycle accident that killed him and his nephew. Both were returning back from a "Region N" rally. The details fo the accidents is very limited. We do know that Pops was not struck by another vehicle but the bike did leave the road. No one knows the cause of the accident but we do know he and his nephew were traveling alone.

Pops was a good friend. He was like our old grandpa that was quite and very friendly to Angie and I. He was loved by many and he will truly be missed. Below is a photo of Angie and Pops. Pops was giving Angie a ride on his trike about 2 years ago during an open house event at the Cycle Center in Asheboro NC.

Remember, be safe out there. We will miss you Pops.