Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flip Video Camcorder for Sale

Have you ever wanted to record your rides on your bike or just have a nice camcorder that you could use on a trip that wasn't too bulky to carry around? Then you might want to consider a Flip Video Camcorder. I have one for sell.

The camcorder records 1 hr of video and uses 2 AA batteries. There are no cords to carry around and attach to anything. All you do is record your video, and plug in the carry to your USB port on your computer. You don't even need a disk to install any software because the software is built into the recorder. That means you can transfer your video to any computer.

The picture and sound quality of the camera is great. I actually bought the camera to mount to Big Red to record my trips and have used it on many other occasions. I have actually recorded many videos and put them on YouTube. It is a neat and very convenient camcorder.

So if you know of anyone wanting one, I have mine for sell. A new Flip video camcorder will run you about $150.00. I am selling mine for $100.00. Below is photo of the camera.
If you have any questions about the camera, feel free to contact via email at

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