Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Red and Shadow Updates

This past weekend I got a little information on the status of my 1987 Honda Shadow. It seems that the shop in Greensboro ripped me off on my tune up. From what Craig (my Goldwing mentor) found out was there is a bad spark plug and it appears that the shop made no attempt to get it out and replace it. Actually, they didn't replace either spark plug. So Craig suggested I buy a couple of new spark plugs and a battery charger for the bikes. The problem was he did not have a socket to remove the one spark plugs. I didn't have one either. So it will be about another week before I can get the spark plugs on and replace them. Then I can sell the Shadow.

As for Big Red. I had a little problem with it Friday. My saddle bag got stuck before I left for home Friday after work. Take a guess which saddle bag had my helmet in it. Well, Slick bought me another helmet. Luckily I have 3. I called Craig and he explained to me how to get into the saddle bag by releasing a plug in the trunk. It worked like a charm. Then Craig dropped by the same day and fixed the saddle bag release arm that came loose. Craig is my hero and really knows his stuff. Luckily he like teaching others about the Goldwings. He will have his work cut out when it comes to helping me. He said call him if I had a problem. I have already taken him up on that offer 3 times.

Also this weekend, I talked to Craig about the items I wanted to buy for Big Red. I will be buying a new tall windshield, driving lights, headsets for Slick and I, rear speakers and a CB. I hope to have that stuff in a couple of weeks and have everything installed by the end of the month.

Well, that is about it for now.

Until next time and happy riding!


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