Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Weekend Rides

Saturday I took off on Big Red toward Rockingham NC. I was about 30 North of Rockingham before I headed back. It was a pretty cool ride. I hit highway 311 into Archdale, down toward Rockingham and then came back on highway 220 North. It was about a 160 mile trip. It was the first time got a chance to ride this week due to our annual users conference this week. It was nice to hit the road again. I also got the chance to try our the new headsets with the radio and my new CB. It was pretty cool and will be great if I ever get stranded on the road.

Today Slick and I did our Denny's breakfast tour and then headed off to Eden NC. It is up highway 220 North. She had been there about a week earlier and said it was a nice ride. It was. We went through Eden and then continued on up to VA and then back down highway 220 South. It was about a 130 mile trip. We wanted to get some riding in before it got hot. So we rode until 1130. We also got an opportunity to try our our new intercom system and headsets for the first time. They worked great! They made talking to one another a lot nicer and safer.

All in all, it was some nice riding. Soon we will be heading to the Smokies in September for the "Wings Over the Smokies" rally. We are really looking forward to that weekend trip and the October weekend beach trip with our Goldwing Chapter.

Until next time and happy riding!


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