Saturday, August 12, 2006

Goldwing Shopper!

Those of you that know me, know I hate to shop. But I have to admit, I am becoming one. I am becoming a shopper of parts for Big Red. You see, Craig (my Goldwing mentor) gave me some magazines to look for parts for Big Red. Bad mistake. I found all types of stuff that I wanted to dress up and improve Big Red. I was really hooked when Craig showed me his awesome bike. It gave me some ideas for what I wanted and made me realize just how plain Big Red is. So I order a new windshield, CB with antenna (not cheap), fog lights, and head sets.

That is just a start of what I want to get. Of course, it is a good start. So in a away, you can say I am a shopper. But like I told Slick, I will keep my shopping to the Internet. It is like Christmas when the packages arrive that way. Oh yeah, I still hate malls.

Until next time and happy riding!


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