Monday, August 21, 2006

Great Ride and Productive Day

Yesterday was a interesting and productive day. It all started out to originally be a short ride to somewhere for a couple of hours and be home before it got too hot. Slick and I were going to go to Denny's for breakfast and then ride for a few hours. Well, it didn't quite turn out that way. Craig called and wanted to know if we wanted to ride. I said yes, but I wanted to ride on some country roads and then be home before it got too hot. He said he would call Andrew and his wife, Vickie, to see if they wanted to come along. They did. So we all meet at the Pizza Pub in Archdale and instead of going to Denny's we decided to head to Burlington for breakfast.

We did take some country roads and it was great. The only problem was that this was the first time Slick and I rode with a group and we saw the need for a CB and headsets. We were in the middle position and had no idea what Craig and Andrew were talking about or planning to do. So I had to really concentrate on what the leader, Craig was doing. That was kind of a pain.

We had breafast and headed back home. Craig is not one to take the same roads back (which was fine for me) and so we had no idea where he was taking us. We stopped shortly after getting started and he asked if we would like to ride down to a relative of Melinda's in Stanford. We thought, hey, why not. After visiting, we headed back to the house. Craig decided to stop for food, so we stopped at a nice seafood place and had a great meal. While eating, Craig asked me when I would like to get my CB and headsets installed. I said anytime. He said, let's do it today when we get back. I thought, why not.

We head back to the house and I took Slick home. I got all my goodies that I wanted installed and headed back to Craig's house. Now it is around 4 pm. Craig installed my CB, headsets, rear speakers and I put all the chrome on. I finally got home around 8 pm. All of us that rode yesterday were gave out. It was a really hot, busy, productive and fun day.

Until next time and happy riding!


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