Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Open House Prep

Today I will be traveling to a meeting with our chapter to go over plans for the upcoming Open House at the Cycle Center on Saturday. It should be fun. I was going to take Big Red to the meeting tonight but it would be kind of hard to strap a large cooler for the open house on Big Red. So guess I will take my truck. The open house should be fun. Slick and I are going to work some detail for a few hours. We don't know what type of job we will have. That will be all up to Craig. He is putting the thing together. I should be getting my goodies too on Saturday. Hopefully, I will get my windshield, headsets, CB and antenna. Craig said I he should be able to get me my fog lights in the next couple of days. All-in-all, Saturday should be a fun day. Sunday will be even better because Slick and I plan to hit the road and do some touring. We haven't gotten to do that in over 2 weeks.

Until next time, happy riding!


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