Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shadow, Trips and Future Goodies

I took the Shadow out of a little ride yesterday for old times sake. It ran like a charm. However, it is not like Big Red, but it is fun to ride. The Shadow is a great little bike for anyone looking for a great little starter bike. In a way, I will miss the Shadow when I do sell it. But that is life, I guess.

Tonight Slick and I plan on going to our monthly Goldwing chapter meeting in Archdale NC. It should be fun. We will be discussing the upcoming Wings over the Smokies trip. Also, Craig and I are going to get together Friday night to put on my saddle bags and trunk lighting chrome trimmings on Big Red. We will also be replacing the windshield too. It will be nice to have a larger windshield. We are also planning on putting together an adjustment piece for the handle bars. Craig said it would reposition the bars so they would be 1.5” higher and 1.5” back. I got on his bike and it seemed like the adjustment would be more comfortable. So, of course I have to get the stuff.

The only thing I really have left to buy for Big Red is my chrome crawl, chrome wheel cover, chrome trunk rack, saddle bag and trunk lights (chrome, of course), and chrome air vents. Oh yeah, I need a new travel bag for our extended trips since Slick and I will probably not get a trailer anytime soon. I figure I can get all that stuff by this time next year.

Until next time and happy riding!


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