Friday, September 08, 2006

Slick Got Ro-Ho!

Last night Slick and I attended our monthly chapter meeting in Archdale and we got lucky. Well, kind of. Slick got Ro-Ho. It is a little silly chicken that is given out to people that do something embarrassing and of course, everyone likes to remind them of it. Anyway, Slick was invited to tell her story and of course, and she got to receive Ro-Ho. Now the good news is that Ro-Ho brings a lot of lucky to the person that gets it. For example, Ro-Ho is responsible for winner various drawings and we were no exception. Last night there were 2, 50/50 tickets drawings and guess who got one? That’s right, Slick. We stuffed our tickets into Ro-Ho’s mouth and we won the first drawing of $51.00. Not a bad deal if all you have to do is carry around a lucky and goofy looking chicken for a month. Wouldn’t you say?

Tonight Craig and I are going to put on my new windshield, chrome light trimmings and handle bar risers. Then we are going to have a mystery dinner ride with Craig and his wife and meet others for the ride in High Point. Right now, we have no idea how many people will show up for the ride or where we will be going. It should be fun though.

Until next time and happy riding!


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