Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watch Those Slick Spots in the Dark

I had an interesting ride into work this morning. The first part of the ride was great. It was a nice cool clear morning ride. However, as I got closer to where I work I had to stop at a red light and it was still dark. I put my left foot down before stopping the bike to help stabilize the bike. That went well. Then I put my right foot down. My right foot almost slipped out from underneath me. Apparently, there was some oil on the road and luckily I didn’t hit the spot before I stopped the bike or I am pretty sure I would have dropped it After I noticed that the oily stop I decided to move up off the spot. The problem was I had a car in front of me. So I moved up as much as I could. I decided to take off slowly just in case I was on the oil spot. Apparently I was. Even though I was going slowly the rear end of the bike fish tailed a little, but not so much to cause me to lose control. The whole experience reminds me of how my brother in law, Scott, hit something slick on his way to work one morning. Unfortunately for him, he had some damage to his bike, helmet and broke his collar bone. Now that would have been bad.

For all your motorcycle riders (new and veterans) be careful out there. Motorcycles don’t care too much for gravel, sand and oil.

Until next time and happy riding!


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