Thursday, September 28, 2006

Items for Sale

Here are a few items that I have for sale. I expect them to go fast.

1987 Honda Shadow 700cc
Great running first bike for someone. The bike has less than 17,000 miles, new tune up, new oil and filter change, new battery, new owners/repair manual and new bike cover. Only $2100.00.

New Bell Helmet
Size XL. Never worn. Originally sells for $159.95. Now only $90.00.

Kuryakyn Foot Boards
With heel and toe shifter for GL1800 Goldwing. Like new for only $295.00.

GL1800 Windshield
Windshield has hole for vent. Used, $50.00.

Buyer must pick up or be willing to pay for shipping costs for each item. Photos are available upon request. Call 336-454-5936 or 336-686-4514 for more information.

Until next time and happy riding!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Watch Those Slick Spots in the Dark

I had an interesting ride into work this morning. The first part of the ride was great. It was a nice cool clear morning ride. However, as I got closer to where I work I had to stop at a red light and it was still dark. I put my left foot down before stopping the bike to help stabilize the bike. That went well. Then I put my right foot down. My right foot almost slipped out from underneath me. Apparently, there was some oil on the road and luckily I didn’t hit the spot before I stopped the bike or I am pretty sure I would have dropped it After I noticed that the oily stop I decided to move up off the spot. The problem was I had a car in front of me. So I moved up as much as I could. I decided to take off slowly just in case I was on the oil spot. Apparently I was. Even though I was going slowly the rear end of the bike fish tailed a little, but not so much to cause me to lose control. The whole experience reminds me of how my brother in law, Scott, hit something slick on his way to work one morning. Unfortunately for him, he had some damage to his bike, helmet and broke his collar bone. Now that would have been bad.

For all your motorcycle riders (new and veterans) be careful out there. Motorcycles don’t care too much for gravel, sand and oil.

Until next time and happy riding!


Monday, September 25, 2006

2006 Wings over the Smokies Trip

Well Slick and I just got back from our “Wings over the Smokies” rally in Fletcher NC. We started out last Friday around 7 am and headed off on our trip. Slick and I had breakfast with her parents in Hickory NC. That part of the trip was pretty interesting, since it was a bit nippy at 7 am. We dressed in layers and we were still pretty chilly. Let me tell you, nothing will wake you faster than traveling down the highway at 70 mph when it is around 60 degrees. If you are not too familiar with that temperature, just deduct about 20 degrees and you can imagine how we felt. Anyway, we got to Hickory and met her parents for breakfast. We were pretty chilly at that point and were glad to stop and thaw out. We had breakfast and right before we left it started to drizzle rain. We didn’t freak out or anything. We just grabbed our rain gear and suited up. Actually we should have done that at the beginning of our ride because the rain gear was really good at keeping us warmer. We learned a good lesson there.

So we got suited up, wiped down the bike and headed toward Fletcher. Not long after we started the rain started to end and it actually got a little warmer. We got to Fletcher around noon and looked for our hotel. We checked in and then headed toward the rally to register and find our other Goldwing chapter members.

After we registered we hooked up with Craig, Melinda, Bryan, Donna, Johnny and Anthony. I was told when I first got with our chapter to watch out for my buddy Craig. I was told he would have me buying all kinds of stuff at the rally. And he did. We got there and he took us out shopping for goodies. To be honest, I had planned to buy only some shark fins and a name plate at the rally. But that didn’t happen. Before I knew it, I had a new chrome luggage rack (with bag), new pegs and break peg, shirts, pins and other things I had not planned to buy. But I have to admit, thanks to Craig, I did get some great deals. The man knew so many people at the rally, it was scary. Below is a photo of Craig, Bryan and me. My son calls us the 3 Stooges!

Friday night was really interesting and real adventure. Most of the members of our group did not want to ride our bikes back to the rally from our hotel. So we all decided to take Bryan and Donna’s van back to the rally site from the hotel. We all wanted to go back and listen to the live entertainment (The Embers). The memorable part of the van ride was that we crammed 10 people inside the mini-van. Now that was tricky and painful. We had so many people in the van that it looked like we were a bunch of illegal’s trying to cross the border and we were afraid the border patrol would spot us. I was just thankful we didn’t have a crash because some of us would not have survived the crash. At least if we did have a crash, I would probably have not felt any pain because I was numb from the waist down. Did I mention we had to ride back to the hotel too?

As for the Embers, if you get a chance to see them, I recommend you do. They were great and from Raleigh NC. We all had a great time Friday. Below are some pictures of the bikes we saw:

Saturday morning came and Slick and I headed out for breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint, Denny’s. We love those waffles! We filled up Big Red and headed back to the rally to do some more shopping. We bought more stuff. At 9 am, we worked (if that is what you want to call it) at the games table until 10 am. After a hard hour at work, Slick and I went for a walk and started looking at the bikes that would be entering the bike show. There were some really nice bikes there. Then after we left the bike contest parking lot we started walking around and looked at the other displays. It was amazing to us to see what people can do with motorcycles. There was everything you could imagine there at the rally for motorcycles and the deals were pretty nice too.

Around 2:30 pm, Slick and I headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for the night events and the closing ceremony. Saturday was also the day there was going to be some large drawings for money given away. Two of the drawings, Slick and I entered. One of the drawings was at 3 pm. Of course we didn’t win anything for that drawing, but we did at the later big drawing. What happened was that 11 members of our chapter put in $10.00 a piece to win the large 50/50 drawing. Well, we won it. They actually drew Slicks number and we won $1068.00. That was close to $100.00 a piece. We contributed the win to that goofy chicken Ro Ho. It wins all the time. Now all the members of our group are scrambling to get Ro Ho back so they can win. Now that is pretty funny. After the drawing and closing ceremony we headed back to the hotel for a pizza party and some fellowship. It was fun.

On Sunday we all prepared for our trip back. We were a little concerned about rain due to some powerful storms that were coming through the area. It rained like crazy Saturday night and all the bikes got wet. Luckily, I took the time to cover my bike up and my bike was not soaked. After getting packed we all discussed the routes back we were going to take back home. Our 4 person group just took and a straight shot back on interstate 40 and highway 64. Get this, we had no rain. Now that was luck and the ride was a great one.

All in the entire trip was great. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. We are looking forward to next year.

Until next time and happy riding!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Great Trip Today!

Slick and I just got back from a nice 200+ mile trip on Big Red. We headed toward Mt. Airy and then decided to take a really nice country road (601). We headed south toward Mocksville and then decided it was time to discuss food. So we made a bee line toward one of our favorite pizza drives in Archdale. We really enjoy Bill's Pizza and Pub. They have some great food there. You could not tell it by the outside of the old building but their food is excellent. Slick said it was her favorite places to have pizza and a nice salad for under 20 bucks. After chow we called our old buddy Craig to see what he was up to. He ask us to come over to his place after we ate and he would put on a used brake peg. We had to take the old one off so we could sell it with the footboards I am trying to sell. I could really tell the difference in how well I handled Big Red since we removed the footboards and put on the standard gear pegs. All in all we had a great time and it was a great day to ride.

Until next time and happy riding!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kurayakn Footboards for Sale

If anyone is needing or every wanted to own some great footboards with a heel and toe shifter here is a great deal on one. I am selling my Küryakyn footboards. The footboards normally sell for $350.00. I will take $300.00 for them. Just let me know if you or anyone is interested. I expect them to go fast.

Until next time and happy riding!


Ro Ho Photo

I figured that everyone would like to see good old Ro Ho. It is the luckiest rubber chicken you can have. Ro Ho was responsible for us winning $51.00 during the 50/50 ticket drawing at our monthly chapter meeting. That is one ugly but one really lucky bird. The above picture is good old Ro Ho with Slick (it's proud new owner).

Until next time and happy riding!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cripple Creek Mystery Ride

Friday night was an interesting night for Slick and I. Craig and his wife, Melinda came up with the idea of going on a mystery ride for dinner. Craig and Andrew came over to install my new windshield and handlebar risers. After installing the new goodies, Slick and I and 9 others went on the mystery ride. Boy, was the ride an adventure. We all meet off of Business 85 in High Point and headed south. We rode for over an hour and ended up in a little restaurant called Cripple Creek. The food and company was great. We left for the dinner around 7:15 pm and got home around 10:45 pm.

It was my first ride at night on a long trip. I was not too thrilled about traveling at night. To me there are way too many distractions to really enjoy the ride. I would much rather ride during the day. Of course, I will have to travel at night, but I plan to keep that to a minimum.

Until next time and happy riding!


Friday, September 08, 2006

NC Chapter G Group Photo

I have a lot of people ask me about our chapter group. Well, here is a picture of our group during the recent open house that we sponsored in Asheboro NC. It was a great time.

Until next time and happy riding!


Slick Got Ro-Ho!

Last night Slick and I attended our monthly chapter meeting in Archdale and we got lucky. Well, kind of. Slick got Ro-Ho. It is a little silly chicken that is given out to people that do something embarrassing and of course, everyone likes to remind them of it. Anyway, Slick was invited to tell her story and of course, and she got to receive Ro-Ho. Now the good news is that Ro-Ho brings a lot of lucky to the person that gets it. For example, Ro-Ho is responsible for winner various drawings and we were no exception. Last night there were 2, 50/50 tickets drawings and guess who got one? That’s right, Slick. We stuffed our tickets into Ro-Ho’s mouth and we won the first drawing of $51.00. Not a bad deal if all you have to do is carry around a lucky and goofy looking chicken for a month. Wouldn’t you say?

Tonight Craig and I are going to put on my new windshield, chrome light trimmings and handle bar risers. Then we are going to have a mystery dinner ride with Craig and his wife and meet others for the ride in High Point. Right now, we have no idea how many people will show up for the ride or where we will be going. It should be fun though.

Until next time and happy riding!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shadow, Trips and Future Goodies

I took the Shadow out of a little ride yesterday for old times sake. It ran like a charm. However, it is not like Big Red, but it is fun to ride. The Shadow is a great little bike for anyone looking for a great little starter bike. In a way, I will miss the Shadow when I do sell it. But that is life, I guess.

Tonight Slick and I plan on going to our monthly Goldwing chapter meeting in Archdale NC. It should be fun. We will be discussing the upcoming Wings over the Smokies trip. Also, Craig and I are going to get together Friday night to put on my saddle bags and trunk lighting chrome trimmings on Big Red. We will also be replacing the windshield too. It will be nice to have a larger windshield. We are also planning on putting together an adjustment piece for the handle bars. Craig said it would reposition the bars so they would be 1.5” higher and 1.5” back. I got on his bike and it seemed like the adjustment would be more comfortable. So, of course I have to get the stuff.

The only thing I really have left to buy for Big Red is my chrome crawl, chrome wheel cover, chrome trunk rack, saddle bag and trunk lights (chrome, of course), and chrome air vents. Oh yeah, I need a new travel bag for our extended trips since Slick and I will probably not get a trailer anytime soon. I figure I can get all that stuff by this time next year.

Until next time and happy riding!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shadow and Big Red Updates

Well, I got the Honda Shadow back out of maintenance thanks to my buddy Craig. He is a life saver and good friend to have. He has helped me so much with the Shadow and Big Red. I got the Shadow back last night around 8 pm. I had to ride it home. It was dark but that wasn't the kicker. It was raining a little and I did not take my full face helmet or glasses. So of course, I got the crap beat out of me from the rain. I learned a good lesson there. Either remember my helmet and glasses or take Craig up on borrowing his glasses when he offers them.

The Shadow is now ready for sale. I have already placed some ads in the local classifieds and I will be positioning it in various locations to see if anyone is intested. I figure it will go fast because it is an excellent first bike for anyone. I know it helped me to learn to ride.

Speaking of riding, I got to ride Big Red to work today. It was the first time I have ridden it in about a week due to all the rain in the area. Tomorrow Slick and I plan to ride Big Red to our chapter meeting in Archdale. We are going to ride this weekend since I have to head out of town for a week. I hate that!

Friday, I plan to go to Asheboro to pick up my windshield (it finally came in) and my chrome for my saddle bag and trunk lights. Those will be cool to have to put on before our ride to Ashville in 2 weeks for the "Wings Over the Smokies" event. Craig said it will be a huge event and Slick and I are looking forward to that. We are also looking forward the our chapter's beach trip in October.

Life is good!

Until next time and happy riding!