Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Great GWRRA Group Meeting

Slick and I attended a nice meeting last night. It was a regional GWRRA group meeting with other Goldwing riders and members. We met some great people. One couple was Andrew and Vickie. They were our host and they were great. Both welcomed us with open arms and made us feel very welcomed.

Slick and I do plan to join the group. There are some great people in the groups with a lot of knowledge and experience with Goldwings and riding. Hearing about their past rides and to see the excitement about their future rides was great.

As for future rides and gathering, they have a lot to choose from. One of rides we plan on attending is the "Wings Over the Smokeys" in September. I should be able to ride well enough to ride with them then if I practice all I can.

I do know I will need some more gear. One thing I will need is headsets for Slick and I. Since we will be riding in groups in the future I will also invest in a CB. No, my handle will not be "Bald Dude". I will stick with Pappy. They also had some very nice bikes. My bike is what they called a "Naked Goldwing". Of course, my bikes appearance will change over the years. I am sure the GWRRA group members will see to that.

All in all the meetings, the people and the activities should be great. Of course I will keep everyone posted on some of the cool stuff Slick and I get to do on some of the trips. Right now we are looking forward to going to Mt. Airy NC this weekend to get a world famous pork chop sandwich.

Until next time, happy riding!


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