Thursday, June 29, 2006

High Gas Prices...No Problem!

I started out the day riding the Shadow to work. I wore my new Gold Wing jacket and it felt great. I could tell it was made for hot days because I could feel the air through the jacket. I also like the feel of protection from the jacket too. It was well work the money. Now I need to get Slick one.

On the way to work I stopped and got gas for the first time for the Shadow. I figured I should since the red indicator light came on saying, “okay dummy, you need to get some gas or you will need to call Slick”. (Did I mention the Shadow is a 1987 model and does not have a fuel gauge?) Anyway, I filled up for a whopping $7.20. Gas prices, no problem. Since I compare that to filling up my Toyota Tundra for over $55.00. I will take the motorcycle any day.

On today’s agenda, I will be dropping of the Shadow for some maintenance. The plan is to go get it tomorrow afternoon and test it out to see if it performs any better. I figure it will since it probably hasn’t been worked on in a while. The last thing I want to do is get stranded on the way to Mt Airy Saturday. Besides, I don’t want to miss the world famous pork chop sandwich at Snappy Lunch.

Until next time, happy riding!


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