Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Shadow Back on the Road

I took the Shadow out today and rode it to work. It was nice to ride it again. We had a lot of rain over the last few days and so I was looking forward to riding again. I imagine a lot of riders were. Tomorrow, I plan to ride to work again. After work I will be taking the Shadow in for some maintenance. There is no telling how long it has been since the last good maintenance was done on the bike. I also plan for the mechanics to look at the steering wheel and brake light issue I have with the bike. For some reason the brake light stays on when I lock the front wheel. What that does is drains my battery. I have a new battery right now that I ordered and put in. I plan to talk to Triad Motorsports about that issue tomorrow when I drop it off. If all goes well, I will pick up the bike on Friday. Hopefully, it will be in great shape for the ride to Mt. Airy NC on Saturday. That should be a fun trip.

Until next time, happy riding!


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Yasser said...

what is the shadow exactly?