Friday, June 30, 2006

Bummer...Shadow Not Ready

Well, after taking in the Shadow for some maintenance it turns out it is going to be more of a challenge to the machanics than they thought. I guess they are not use to working on older model Honda motorcycles. They apparently got started working on it at 10:00 this morning. I called at 3:00 pm to find out how it was coming along. The head machanic in the shop said it would probably be more like mid day on Saturday before they could get it ready because they have to practically take it apart to get to what they need to work on.

So I guess Slick and I will not be riding to Mt. Airy on Saturday. But we still plan to go in the truck. We can always go back on the bike in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow will be my first day of riding Big Red. Hopefully I don't drop it. I am pretty nervous about taking off out of my very steep driveway. If I get it out of the driveway I plan to take it to the same parking lot I used to practice on the Shadow. I am more worried about getting it out and in to the carport than anything else. When and if I do make it to the parking lot, I plan to work on stopping and turning. I have the gears down okay.

Unitl next time, happy riding!


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