Monday, July 03, 2006

I Finally Rode Big Red!

Well it finally happened. I finally got Big Red out of the garage Saturday and took it for a little spin. Actually, I freaked out Slick and some of my in-laws. I took Big Red out of the garage with the intentions of just bring it back up into my driveway. If you saw our drive way you would understand why it is a good idea to practice driving in and out of it.

Anyway, instead of bringing Big Red back into the drive way I decided to drive it over to the GTCC parking lot to practice. Now that would have been a great idea if only I had told everyone I was going to do that and if I had taken my cell phone. Of course, I did neither of those things.

As you can imagine everyone was looking for me. They thought I had dropped the bike and I was lying in the road like some ran over road kill with this big red Gold Wing on top of me. In reality I was riding Big Red and enjoying it. I actually rode for about 20 minutes and then Slick came looking for me. I knew she would. I guess she kind of likes me.

All in all, riding Big Red was fun. I was looking forward to riding it again on Sunday.

Until next time and happy riding!


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