Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Ride to Lenoir Today

Well, Slick and I just got back from our 270 mile round trip ride to Lenoir NC to visit families. It was a nice ride. Well, at least most of it. We are not too excited about having to put up with the stretch of road on I-40. There are too many idiots on that highway. That is one reason we decided to take 64 to Lenoir. It is a nice ride on that roadway. It is all country roads and most of the people that travel that road must like it too. We saw a lot of motorcycles on it. Actually, we must have seen over a 100 motorcyles on the highway today. I even saw a couple on a red Goldwing like Big Red. That is the first bike that I have seen like Big Red so that was a little strange.

The weather wasn't too bad today. But when we headed back home around 4 pm it was a little humid. Slick and I are really looking forward to riding in Septemeber and October. Now that will be good riding weather. All in all, the day was nice and are great way to spend the day.

Until next time and happy riding!


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