Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gas Prices and Having a Motorcycle

I went to work this morning and I had to take my truck due to the forecast for rain the next couple of days. I had to fill up my Toyota Tundra. It cost me $60.00 for fill it up. Then I started thinking how much gas I could get for my motorcycles with $60.00. It was a eye-openner. For the shadow I can fill it up 8 times. For Big Red I can fill it up 3.5 times. That is a huge savings.

So where am I going with this? The motorcycles save me a lot of money on gas and besides there more fun to ride. I know of several motorcycle riders that save so much money on gas it practically pays for their monthly payment on their bike. That is a good deal if I say so myself.

Until next time and happy riding!


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LRAFB said...

Pappy, what you need to do to reduce the gas bill is get one of those two seater Tonka toys I have been seeing on the road. I bet I couldn’t get my leg in one.