Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Weekend Planned Rides

This weekend Slick and I plan to do some more practice riding in the local area and beyond. Saturday we plan to make our daily weekend trip to good old Denny's for breakfast. (We love Denny and those awesome waffles). After breakfast we plan to hit the 85 business route to Salisbury and then venture out to some other areas. The reason for the scoping out Salisbury is that is where we plan to head back to Sunday. On Sunday we plan to take Salisbury to 70 and then 64. We will be following 64 all the way into Lenoir NC. That is where we plan to meet Slick's mom and dad for lunch and then take a little trip to see my mom. The whole trip should be around 250 miles. That will be pretty cool because it will be our first long distance trip together. Of course, I will post how the trip turns out. There is a 40% of rain. Hopefully, we don't get wet (we have rain gear now) or we have to cancel the trip.

Until next time and happy riding!


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