Sunday, June 25, 2006


Hi there. This is Roger (aka Pappy) and I would like to welcome you to Pappy and Slick's motorcycle adventures. Angie (aka Slick) is part of this little venture. You see, we started our mid life crisis and with that came motorcycle riding. The weird thing is neither one of us had ever ridden a motorcycle. Not even a scooter. So one day we decided to get one. We went all out. We also took a motorcycle safety course. We got a 2004 Goldwing. And as you can imagine, I almost killed myself on it.

So what did we do? We did what any other smart middle age couple would do, we bought another motorcycle. We found a 1987 Honda Shadow thanks to my brother-in-law Scott. It was something for me to practice on and it helped a lot. I practiced for a few weeks and then I started riding Slick on the back of it. She was a little nervous at first, but like a real trooper she hung in there. Now she loves it. Then next step is getting on the $17,000 Goldwing.

In the future we plan to post some of our small and big adventures. We hope you do the same if you are a motorcycle rider too. Soon we will be taking trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the east coast beaches and other surrounding areas. It should be fun.

Until later, happy riding!



Anonymous said...

ok strap it on and get it going.

Baby Bro said...

When is "Slick's" pic going to be posted?

Anonymous said...

The Bald Bandit is on the move. Its about time. Keep the sunny side up and give Slick a hug for me. Brad

Anonymous said...

hope you have a wonderful adventures,and may god bless you and slick,lol...

Anonymous said...

Im fine with you both going through a mid-life crisis, but please be careful.