Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ride to VA for Chilli!

Today Slick and I took advantage of the nice 60+ degree sunny weather and rode to VA. The funny thing is that we rode all the way to VA for Wendy's chilli. What an excuse to ride, right?

The weather was great and we haven had the chance to ride in over a week due to me being out of town. I was really looking forward to riding today. I took advantage of the nice weather because I know we don't get too many great riding days in January. There was quite a few bikes out taking advantage of the weather too.

Today was also the last day I could tack on some more miles before the end of the month. I ended up with 1090 miles for the month. That is not bad for a guy that only got to ride about 2 and half weeks in January. Next month I should be able to do more since I am not scheduled to be out of town for few weeks. Of course, I plan to take advantage of that.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!


Joe Miller said...

ok Roger, I am just about convinced to move to North Carolina when I retire. Sounds like a perfect place for a rider. Be safe my friend.

PappyandSlick said...

Hi Joe,

A couple of Air Force buddies are looking to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway this summer. That should be fun. We plan to do that for about 5 days. I plan to ride the whole parkway this spring and summer.

Until next time and enjoy the ride!